Hello! Welcome to my personal page!

I am the CEO and founder of Homni Health, a company newly spun out of my PhD work. We develop deep learning models to detect neurologic deficits from video and audio. We use this tech to help detect strokes faster out in the world, particularly in rural areas without easy access to hospitals.

I am completing my postdoctoral research at UC San Diego with projects at the intersection of:

  • Tech - applied deep learning and mixed reality

  • Health - neurological and respiratory disorders

  • Design - human-AI interaction in the real-world 

I finished my PhD in Bioengineering at UC San Diego in 2020, where I was a Siebel Scholar and NSF Graduate Research Fellow. My dissertation was Human-Centered Machine Learning for Healthcare: Examples in Neurology and Pulmonology; I received the Engelson award for the highest-rated thesis in the department. I have also completed internships at Samsung Research America and IBM TJ Watson Research Center on their digital health/health tech teams. I received my BS in Bioengineering and a Minor in Biomedical Research, cum laude at UCLA in 2015.

Outside of my entrepreneurial and academic careers, I love hiking and stay busy raising my shepsky Maaya

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